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We are Scottish manufacturers of leather sporrans, braided Celtic knotwork leather goods and other regalia for the highland dress market.

Our products are renowned for their high quality craftsmanship and unique hand finish including intricate hand braiding seldom seen on any leather-wear today, we base all of our designs on the traditional Celtic knotwork patterns of ancient Scotland and Ireland.

As with the designs on our products we base the actual concept of the products on the ancient highland wear of long ago. We feel that by doing this we honour our ancestors with products that any true highlander would be proud to wear. So, if on a visit to highland Scotland, please feel free to pop in to see us on your way.

Definition of a sporran - a pouch which is worn, in Highland costume, hanging from the belt over the front of the kilt. The older sporrans were quite modest objects and ordinarily of leather, in modern Highland dress and in the uniform of Highland kilted regiments it has become a highly ornamental adjunct, with silver or metal rims, and fur.

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